Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dominion Power

      For the Honor Program I went to listen to Ernest Greene, from Dominion Power. I learned many things going to the event. Dominion is the largest power company on the east coast, and they have been in existence of 100 years.
      They use different types of fuel to make electricity. In Southwest Virginia they have a hybrid plant that uses both natural gas and coal. In Chesterfield, Virginia they own a plant that has state of the art pollution control. They have two nuclear plants in Virginia, one in Surry County and one in North Anna. The nuclear plant in North Anna was planned for three reactors but only has two. They may build a new reactor because there is such a huge demand. Currently they are building a natural gas burning fire plant in Brunswick County. Natural gas is a very clean source of energy. Bath County uses water to produce electricity. Since everything requires more electricity the demand is going up.
      There is a power grid and if Virginia needs more power than it supplies then they could get it from another state and vise versus. Another thing that Mr. Greene talked about is how many people complain about Dominion not putting power lines underground. Since Dominion has been around for such a long time it would cost a lot of money to do that. Dominion is also funding many different forms of electricity like solar and wind. The problem with wind is the birds would die because they would run into the propellers.
      Although people may think that Dominion is just people working on the power lines but that is not true. They have jobs available for every career imaginable. They also offer scholarships and internships. I truly enjoyed listening to Mr. Greene and learning about Dominion Power company.

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  1. That really cool that you went to listen to Dominion Power. I hope that you got a lot out of it and keep up the good work your doing in school